About Me!


I have a desire to write about my experiences and my life, but anonymously. Sure, this is like a private journal and as such may feature seemingly unimportant drivel but I get a lot of questions from people I meet everywhere about these same topics.

So for the about me…I apologize for the vagueness but I wish to truly remain anonymous. I am a grown female between the ages of twenty-one and thirty. I have higher education and have worked many and multiple jobs, including retail, professional, teaching, bartending, etc. I am thankful that we do not have thought bubbles like in comics or I would be in a lot of trouble absolutely all the time. This blog will be some of those thought bubbles.

My blog name is a play on words-my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. I always related to Scout as the tomboy-ish, outspoken girl with an innocent and interesting view on life. As I grew I remained like Scout but also wanted to be more like Atticus, the unwavering voice of reason. So after all that depth, I also like tequila and served a LOT of it as a bartender.

I appreciate your time!

To Kill a Mockingbird movie


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