Breakups Are Difficult…At First



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A rough, soul crushing week causes lots of introspection. Unlike my last life-altering experience, I’m making it a goal to no avoid writing about it. It’s a three day week so more is to come. Stay tuned!


20140524-223504-81304359.jpg“I have always been petrified of marriage – absolutely afraid. I’ve felt like once I would get married, someone would want to change me, and I would have no choice but to become this locked-up specimen in a box. I’m worried about losing my freedom of expression. People who meet me go, ‘Oh, you’re really fun and wild’. Then as soon as they get to know me, they go, ‘Well don’t do that’. And then I don’t do it. And I become this separate person from who I was. Then I resent the person who was trying to change me.”

Sandra Bullock

I don’t believe marriage is a horrible thing, but with the wrong person it can chew you up and then spit you out, forever leaving scars. Though those scars may fade, they’ll always be there.

To those of you who are in a happy, healthy relationship/marriage, count yourself…

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First Post. Again.

So it’s been a while since I started this blog but my direction got a little confused and some s$&@, I mean life, happened. I hope to once again write posts soon as life keeps shanking me in the heart with events to write about.


So I’ve decided to start a new blog. I figured I could either write in a journal that no one would ever see and I’d become tired and stop writing after a week. Or…I could write a public but anonymous blog  that perhaps others could find somewhat amusing even if only when they’re drunk…bonus points for those who enjoy this sober.

I wish to remain anonymous not because I’m some coward that can’t face life. I’m not going to be bashing anyone on here anyways but I want to the freedom to express whatever I want whenever I want. There will be things that maybe I don’t want my family to see, maybe things I just want to write about rather than talk about. That is a special kind of freedom.

So stick around for the ride, it’ll be wild! If you have any topic suggestions be sure to comment and I’ll do my best to cover it. Please refer me to your friends. The posts will be of different topics and types. Sometimes they’ll be fun bar talk, snarky soul searching, or they’ll be a random funny. Either way I hope to reach more people.

And yes, I did get this idea from the MTV show Awkward. I love that show…but I’m not in high school so the taste of this blog will be a little spicier.